Kawasaki Releases 2024 KX450 Motocross and KX450X Cross-country Motorcycles along with 50th Anniversary Editions

Sep. 25, 2023

KX450 KX450X
KX450 50th Anniversary Edition

Tokyo, September 25, 2023 — Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. announced today that it will release for the 2024 model year the all-new KX450, the top-of-the-line model in the KX series, and the KX450X based on that. Kawasaki Motors Japan will release them in Japan on October 14 (scheduled).
In addition, the KX450 50th Anniversary Edition and KX250 50th Anniversary Edition will be released in selected countries starting in September 2023 to commemorate and celebrate the success of 50 years of the KX brand.

KX450 motocross model

The KX series has evolved based on a design philosophy that has remained unchanged over the 50 years since the series was launched: “THE BIKE THAT BUILDS CHAMPIONS” The validity of this design philosophy has been proven by numerous AMA Supercross and Motocross World Championship titles.
The 2024 KX450 features an updated engine intake and exhaust system. While retaining a finger-follower rocker arm mechanism*1,进气和排气流优化to achieve smooth medium and low engine speeds and power at high engine speeds. In addition to the engine, the frame has also been newly designed to achieve both nimble handling and stable riding performance at a high level.
For the first time in the KX series, the power modes and KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control)*2can be set at the touch of a button. In addition, the RIDEOLOGY THE APP KX*3smartphone application allows users to edit the engine map from a smartphone.

KX450X cross-country model

This cross-country model is based on the KX450 motocross model. While inheriting the KX450’s powerful engine and factory-style components, the KX450X is equipped with an 18-inch rear wheel, off-road ready tires, a side stand, and other features suitable for cross-country riding.

KX450 50th Anniversary Edition and KX250 50th Anniversary Edition, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the KX series

The KX series will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its launch in 2023. To commemorate a half-century of history, Kawasaki is releasing iconic models that embody the KX’s aggressiveness and a willingness to take on challenges. They feature a motif reminiscent of the 1990 model KX250. With its pop and colorful design, featuring the KX logo in fluorescent pink and blue and a vibrant blue seat, this is a motocrosser that has left a lasting impression on many motocross fans.
In addition to the KX logo and seats, the two KX 50th Anniversary Editions feature many designs and commemorative logos on the body that pay homage to the 1990 model, giving them a look befitting an anniversary edition.

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*1 This is a system adopted from the 2019 KX450 model that transmits camshaft rotation to the valves. The weight of the valve mechanism is reduced over that of a conventional direct-hitting mechanism, enabling larger-diameter intake and exhaust valves and higher lifts, contributing to higher engine output.
*2 This function adjusts engine output to suppress tire spin and transmit optimum driving force to the road surface. That contributes to enhanced traction in situations such as slippery road surfaces.
*3 This application allows to edit engine maps, real-time monitoring of engine data, and recording of maintenance history and setup logs on a smartphone.

Main features

Engine and Chassis

  1. All-new 449 cm3 liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder DOHC 4-valve engine
    A downdraft intake layout and symmetrically arranged intake and exhaust valve layout provide both smoothness at low and medium engine speeds and power at high engine speeds. The intake layout is designed linearly, and the exhaust ports are placed on the same flow line as the intake ports to achieve high intake and exhaust efficiency. This contributes to improved performance.
  2. Lightweight aluminum perimeter frame
    A newly designed frame is adopted to achieve both nimble handling and composed character at a high level. As an evolution of the current design, the new frame boasts an optimized rigidity balance, which allows for improved cornering performance across a wide range of conditions.
  3. Improved braking performance
    The front brakes are equipped with Brembo calipers and master cylinders for the first time in the KX series. At the rear, a 240mm disc gripped by a Nissin caliper are equipped. This allows riders to carry more speed through corners.

Electronic Control Technologies

  1. Smartphone connection function - A first in the KX series
    The engine map, which previously had to be edited by wired connection of a dedicated device, can now be adjusted by pairing with the vehicle via the “RIDEOLOGY THE APP KX” smartphone app. In addition, engine data can be monitored in real time on the app, and maintenance history and setup logs can be recorded.
  2. Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) - A first in the KX series
    牵引力控制系统可以很容易地tw之间切换o levels (weak and strong) using a button on the left side of the handlebar. The system can also be turned off.
  3. Power modes
    A button on the left side of the handlebar allows the rider to easily switch between two preset engine maps in the ECU (Normal and Mild Response).
  4. Launch control mode
    This mode controls engine output to help get off to the best possible start even on low traction surfaces.

Design and Equipment

  1. Slim bodywork based on ergonomic principles
    Shrouds, side covers, and rear fenders have been updated. The new design features a more powerful form with smoother surfaces for an interface that does not restrict rider movement. Medium compound ODI lock-on grips, a first for the Kawasaki brand, are easy to replace and provide excellent grip feel.
  2. Quick-release side cover
    A side cover that can be removed without tools has been adopted. This facilitates access to the air filter element.

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